Czech Padel Federation and International Padel Federation

Dear Daniel (President International Padel Federacion).
Just a short message to inform you that our players took part at Austrian Padel Open last week. It was a first touch of Czech padel players with European Padel! Co-operation with President of Austrian Padel, Mr Michael Reinthaler was excellent. He helped us a lot!
Best regards
Dr. Milan Prokš
Dear Mr. Milan,

International Padel Federation and Österreichischer Padel Verband

Dear President of the Österreichischer Padel Verband, Mr. Michael Reinthaler,

Dear Executive Members of the Ö.P.V. Board,

I would like to extend to you my congratulations for your partecipation to the recently concludes XIII° World Padel Championships Cascais 2016, where the National Male Team of Austria arrived to play the final phase.

Please extend my congratulation also to your players and coaches, who have an excellent behaviour inside and outside the padel courts.